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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Oct-2018Lifting the veil: Using a quasi-replication approach to assess sample selection bias in patent-based studiesCriscuolo, P; Alexy, O; Sharapov, D; Salter, A
1-Apr-2019The key to effective organizational performance management lies at the intersection of paradox theory and stakeholder theoryPinto, J
-Testing beta-pricing models using large cross-sectionsRaponi, V; Robotti, C; Zaffaroni, P
1-Jul-2017Dynamic factor models with infinite-dimensional factor space: asymptotic analysisForni, M; Hallin, M; Lippi, M; Zaffaroni, P
-Modelling the impact of a food industry co-regulation agreement on Portugal’s non-communicable disease mortalityMiraldo, M; Silva, F; Gregorio, M; Cruz-e-Silva, D; Severo, M, et al
-Collaboration with external organizations and technological innovations: Evidence from Spanish manufacturing firmsRadicic, D; Pinto, J
23-Apr-2019Leveraging open innovation to improve society: Past achievements and future trajectoriesAhn, JM; Roijakkers, N; Fini, R; Mortara, L
26-Apr-2019News sentiment and sovereign credit riskCathcart, L; Gotthelf, N; Uhl, M; Yining, S
28-May-2019Medical school teaching on interprofessional relationships between primary and social care to enhance communication and integration of care – a pilot studyTahir, A; Al-Zubaidy, M; Naqvi, D; Tarfiee, A; Naqvi, F, et al
1-May-2019Cancer worry frequency vs. intensity and self-reported colorectal cancer screening uptake: A population-based study.Vrinten, C; Stoffel, S; Dodd, RH; Waller, J; Lyratzopoulos, Y, et al