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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jan-2016Assaults, murders and walkers: The impact of violent crime on physical activityJanke, K; Propper, C; Shields, MA; Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
21-Nov-2016Socioeconomic inequalities in health care in EnglandCookson, R; Propper, C; Asaria, M; Raine, R; Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
1-Apr-2013Trajectories of socioeconomic inequalities in health, behaviours and academic achievement across childhood and adolescenceHowe, LD; Lawlor, DA; Propper, C
28-Feb-2018Spatial competition and quality: evidence from the English family doctor marketGravelle, H; Liu, D; Propper, C; Santos, R
18-Mar-2010Is there an income gradient in child health? It depends whom you askJohnston, DW; Propper, C; Pudney, SE; Shields, MA
1-Jan-2013The impact of competition on management quality: evidence from public hospitalsPropper, C; Bloom, N; Seiler, S; Van Reenen, J
Jan-2012Can governments do it better? Merger mania and hospital outcomes in the English NHSPropper, C; Laudicella, M; Gaynor, M
23-Feb-2016Does quality affect patients’ choice of Doctor? Evidence from EnglandSantos, R; Gravelle, H; Propper, C; Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC)
10-Nov-2015Genetic markers as instrumental variablesvon Hinke, S; Smith, GD; Lawlor, DA; Propper, C; Windmeijer, F
-Does Violent Crime Deter Physical Activity?Janke, KM; Propper, C; Shields, MA