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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2015Deposits and bank capital structureAllen, F; Carletti, E; Marquez, R
1-Mar-2017“Prosumage” and the British electricity marketGreen, RJ; Staffell, IL
1-Oct-2016Company metamorphosis: professionalization waves, family firms and management buyoutsHoworth, C; Wright, M; Westhead, P; Allcock, D
26-Mar-2014Herding Cats? Management and University PerformanceMcCormack, J; Propper, C; Smith, S
17-Dec-2015Teacher pay and school productivity: Exploiting wage regulationBritton, J; Propper, C
2-Jun-2015The evolution of private equity: corporate restructuring in the UK, c.1945-2010Toms, S; Wilson, N; Wright, M
6-Aug-2014The Cost of Counterparty Risk and Collateralization in Longevity SwapsBiffis, E; Blake, D; Pitotti, L; Sun, J
-Spillovers from R&D and Other Intangible Investment: Evidence from UK IndustriesGoodridge, PR; Haskel, J; Wallis, G
4-Mar-2016Inference with few heterogeneous clustersIbragimov, R
24-May-2018Competing on speedPagnotta, ES; Philippon, T