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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Sep-2015Accounting for universities’ impact: using augmented data to measure academic engagement and commercialization by academic scientistsPerkmann, M; Fini, R; Ross, J; Salter, A; Silvestri, C, et al
15-Jun-2017Stock market mean reversion and portfolio choice over the life cycleMichaelides, A; Zhang, Y;
24-Mar-2017Knowledge spillovers, ICT and productivity growthHaskel, J;
17-Feb-2020Medical labour supply and the production of healthcareLee, T; Propper, C; Stoye, G;
12-Jul-2016Intangibles, mismeasurement and the international productivity slowdownHaskel, J;
-The causal effect of education on chronic health conditions in the UKPropper, C; Shields, M; Janke, K; Johnston, D;
1-Dec-2019Chasing Private InformationKacperczyk, MT; Pagnotta, E;
29-Nov-2017Public intangibles: the public sector and economic growth in the SNACorrado, C; Haskel, J; Jona-Lasinio, C;
-Spatial competition and quality: Evidence from the English family doctor marketPropper, C; Gravelle, H; Santos, R; Lui, D;
1-Jul-2018The relative value of the division versus duplication of network ties for innovation performanceTer Wal, ALJ; Criscuolo, P; McEvily, B; Salter, A; , et al