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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2010Platforms, Markets and Innovation: An IntroductionGawer, A; Gawer, A
17-Nov-2017How should bank liquidity be regulated?Allen, HF; Gale, D
14-Apr-2016Financial Contagion in NetworksCabrales, A; Gottardi, P; Gale, DM; Bramoulle, Y; Galeotti, A, et al
7-Mar-2013Asset Pricing Theories, Models, and TestsRobotti, C; Gospodinov, N; Baker, HK; Filbeck, G
4-Sep-2019A Big Picture Approach to (C)SR: Where Are We Now?Hemingway, CA; Schwartz, M; Harris, H; Comer, DR
Jun-2017Institutional Work: Taking Stock and Making it MatterHampel, C; Lawrence, TE; Tracey, P; Greenwood, R; Oliver, C, et al
26-Nov-2017Identifying an essential package for school-age child health: economic analysisFernandes, M; Aurino, E; Bundy, DAP; De Silva, N; Horton, S, et al
26-Nov-2017School Feeding Programs in Middle Childhood and AdolescenceDrake, L; Fernades, M; Aurino, E; Kiamba, J; Giyose, B, et al
1-Jan-2013Reflections on careers, JBE and business ethicsHemingway, C; Maclagan, P; Michalos, AC; Poff, DC