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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2016Company metamorphosis: professionalization waves, family firms and management buyoutsHoworth, C; Wright, M; Westhead, P; Allcock, D
26-Mar-2014Herding Cats? Management and University PerformanceMcCormack, J; Propper, C; Smith, S
12-Mar-2015Gaussian process-based algorithmic trading strategy identificationYang, SY; Qiao, Q; Beling, PA; Scherer, WT; Kirilenko, AA
15-Aug-2015Historical impact of technological change on the US mass media advertising expenditureEsteban-Bravo, M; Vidal-Sanz, JM; Yildirim, G
5-May-2016Net Neutrality: A Fast Lane to Understanding the Trade-offsValletti, T; Peitz, M; Greenstein, S
1-May-2017Multidimensional platform designVeiga, A; Weyl, EG; White, A
1-May-2017Pricing institutions and the welfare cost of adverse selectionWeyl, EG; Veiga, A
1-Mar-2018Working across time zones: Exporters and the gender wage gapBoler, EA; Javorcik, B; Ulltveit-Moe, KH
24-Oct-2017Incentives in the public sector: evidence from a government agencyBurgess, S; Propper, C; Tominey, E
26-May-2018Interlinked firms and the consequences of piecemeal regulationHansman, CJ; Hjort, J; Leon, G