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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Jul-2017Strategic entrepreneurship and the SEJ: development and current progressWright, DM; Hitt, M
22-Jul-2017Location choices of graduate entrepreneursWright, DM; Larson, J; Wennberg, K; Wiklund, J
1-Jun-2018The equity gap and knowledge-based firmsWilson, N; Wright, DM; Kacer, M
19-Sep-2018Entrepreneurship: an assessmentMayer, C; Siegel, DS; Wright, DM
18-Jan-2018Organizational Goals: Antecedents, Formation Processes, and Implications for Firm Behavior and PerformanceKotlar, J; DeMassis, A; Wright, DM; Frattini, F
17-Nov-2017Knowledge Worker Mobility in Context: Pushing the Boundaries of Theory and MethodsWright, DM; Tartari, V; Huang, K; Di Lorenzo, F; Bercovitz, J
6-Jun-2017Methodological issues in governance research: an editor’s perspectiveFilatotchev, I; Wright, DM
14-Sep-2017Are ‘sea turtles’ slower? Returnee entrepreneurs, venture resources and speed of entrepreneurial entryQin, F; Wright, DM; Gao, J
6-Sep-2018Forgotten or not? Home country embeddedness and returnee entrepreneurshipLin, D; Zheng, W; Lu, J; Liu, H; Wright, DM
7-Oct-2018Lost in Translation? Corporate governance, independent boards and blockholder appropriationGrosman, A; Aguilera, R; Wright, DM