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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-May-2015Academic entrepreneurship: time for a rethink?Siegel, DS; Wright, M
1-Dec-2015Deposits and bank capital structureAllen, F; Carletti, E; Marquez, R
1-Mar-2017“Prosumage” and the British electricity marketGreen, RJ; Staffell, IL
5-Oct-2015Understanding the social role of entrepreneurshipZahra, SA; Wright, M
1-Apr-2015How can universities facilitate academic spin-offs? An entrepreneurial competency perspectiveRasmussen, E; Wright, M
1-Oct-2016Company metamorphosis: professionalization waves, family firms and management buyoutsHoworth, C; Wright, M; Westhead, P; Allcock, D
26-Mar-2014Herding Cats? Management and University PerformanceMcCormack, J; Propper, C; Smith, S
1-Oct-2015Strategic benefits of low fit brand extensions: When and why?Chun, HH; Park, CW; Eisingerich, AB; MacInnis, DJ
1-Sep-2014Regulation of the Power SectorGreen, R
2-Nov-2016Revisiting the small-world phenomenon: efficiency variation and classification of small-world networksOpsahl, T; Vernet, A; Alnuaimi, T; George, G