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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2011Productivity and growth in UK industries: an intangible investment approachHaskel, J; Goodridge, P; Pesole, A; Dal Borgo, M
19-Mar-2015The contribution of public and private R&D to UK productivity growthHaskel, J; Goodridge, P; Hughes, A; Wallis, G
11-Nov-2014The “C” in ICT: communications capital, spillovers and UK growthGoodridge, PR; Haskel, J; Wallis, G
5-Nov-2014The UK productivity puzzle is a TFP puzzle: current data and future predictionsGoodridge, PR; Haskel, J; Wallis, G
27-Feb-2014UK investment in intangible assets: Report for NESTAHaskel, J; Goodridge, P; Wallis, G
29-Apr-2014The economic significance of the UK science base: a report for the Campaign for Science and EngineeringHaskel, J; Haskel, J; Hughes, A; Bascavusoglu-Moreau, E
4-Apr-2014Estimating UK investment in intangible assets and Intellectual Property RightsHaskel, J; Goodridge, P; Wallis, G
1-Feb-2010Innovation, knowledge spending and productivity growth in the UK: interim report for NESTA 'Innovation Index’ projectHaskel, J; Clayton, T; Goodridge, P; Pesole, A; Barnett, D, et al
1-May-2013Public support for innovation, intangible investment and productivity growth in the UK market sectorHaskel, J; Wallis, G
1-Apr-2010How much does the UK employ, spend and invest in design?Haskel, J; Pesole, A; Galindo-Rueda, F