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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Apr-2016Adoption readiness in service innovation: The case of digital moneyThomas, LDW; Vernet, A; Gann, D
1-Oct-2015Introduction to JPEF special issue on household financeCalvet, L; Haliassos, M; Michaelides, A
1-Sep-2014Regulation of the Power SectorGreen, R
17-Dec-2015Teacher pay and school productivity: Exploiting wage regulationBritton, J; Propper, C
-Incentives in the Public Sector: Evidence from a Government AgencyBurgess, S; Propper, C; Tominey, E
-Speed 2.0: Evaluating access to universal digital highways*Valletti, T; Ahlfeldt, G; Koutroumpis, P
1-Dec-2015Deposits and bank capital structureAllen, F; Carletti, E; Marquez, R
21-Apr-2016Electricity in Europe: exiting fossil fuels?Green, RJ; Staffell
11-Jan-2016Net neutrality and innovation at the core and at the edgeReggiani, C; Valletti, T
-Socioeconomic inequalities in health care in EnglandCookson, R; Propper, C; Asaria, M; Raine, R