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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jul-2016What do I want? The effects of individual aspiration and relational capability on collaboration preferences.Schillebeeckx, SJD; Chaturvedi, S; George, G; King, Z
1-Nov-2015On the Failure of R&D ProjectsLink, AN; Wright, M
16-Nov-2015Resources and Innovation in Family Businesses: the janus-face of socioemotional preferencesMiller, D; Wright, M; Le Breton-Miller, I; Scholes, L
3-Nov-2015Political tie heterogeneity and the impact of adverse shocks on firm valueSun, P; Mellahi, K; Wright, M; Xu, H
25-May-2015Academic entrepreneurship: time for a rethink?Siegel, DS; Wright, M
1-Nov-2015Service Firm Performance Transparency: How, When, and Why Does It Pay Off?Liu, Y; Eisingerich, AB; Auh, S; Merlo, O; Chun, HEH
1-Oct-2015Strategic benefits of low fit brand extensions: When and why?Chun, HH; Park, CW; Eisingerich, AB; MacInnis, DJ
5-Oct-2015Understanding the social role of entrepreneurshipZahra, SA; Wright, M
22-Apr-2016Academic logic and corporate entrepreneurial intentions: A study of the interaction between cognitive and institutional factors in new firmsFini, R; Toschi, L
26-Feb-2016Combining logics to transform organizational agency: blending industry and art at AlessiDalpiaz, E; Rindova, V; Ravasi, D