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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
-How to study consciousness in consumer researchSweldens, S; Tuk, MA; Huetter, M
5-Oct-2015Understanding the social role of entrepreneurshipZahra, SA; Wright, M
7-Oct-2016Trade Credit in Competition: A Horizontal BenefitPeura, HE; Yang, SA; Lai, G
2-Nov-2016Revisiting the small-world phenomenon: efficiency variation and classification of small-world networksOpsahl, T; Vernet, A; Alnuaimi, T; George, G
3-Mar-2016The best of both worlds: The benefits of open-specialized and open-diverse syndication networks for new venture success.Ter Wal, ALJ; Alexy, O; Block, JH; Sandner, P
3-Nov-2015Political tie heterogeneity and the impact of adverse shocks on firm valueSun, P; Mellahi, K; Wright, M; Xu, H
10-Mar-2016Escalation of commitment in venture capital decision making: Differentiating between domestic and international investorsDevigne, D; Manigart, S; Wright, M
10-Oct-2015Understanding a new generation incubation model: The acceleratorPauwels, C; Clarysse, B; Wright, M; Van Hove, J
1-Mar-2017Can retail sales volatility be curbed through marketing actions?Esteban-Bravo, M; Vidal-Sanz, JM; Yildirim, G
2-Dec-2016Engaging With Startups in Emerging MarketsPrashantham, S; Yip, GS