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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Oct-2016Doctor-patient differences in risk and time preferences: a field experimentMiraldo, M; Galizzi, M; Stravopoulou, C; Van der Pol, M
17-Dec-2015Teacher pay and school productivity: Exploiting wage regulationBritton, J; Propper, C
1-Dec-2016The impact of the European Union Emissions Trade Scheme on regulated firms: what is the evidence after ten years?Martin, R; Muuls, M; Wagner, U
1-Sep-2016Market Design for Long-Distance Trade in Renewable ElectricityGreen, RJ; Pudjianto, D; Staffell, I; Strbac, G
-Public intangibles: the public sector and economic growth in the SNACorrado, C; Haskel, J; Jona-Lasinio, C
20-Sep-2016Government as borrower of first resortChemla, GH; Hennessy, CA
24-Feb-2017Cost-effectiveness and dynamic efficiency: does the solution lie within?Camejo, RR; Miraldo, M; Rutten, F
4-Mar-2016Inference with few heterogeneous clustersIbragimov, R
19-Jan-2016Distressed Debt Restructuring in the Presence of Credit Default SwapsCathcart, L; Bedendo, M; El-Jahel, L
21-Apr-2016Electricity in Europe: exiting fossil fuels?Green, RJ; Staffell