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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019Bound on the number of negative eigenvalues of two-dimensional Schrödinger operators on domainsFrank, RL; Laptev, A
-Galois self-dual cuspidal types and Asai local factorsAnandavardhanan, UK; Kurinczuk, R; Matringe, N; Secherre, V; Stevens, S
1-Jun-2019Zero-one generation laws for finite simple groupsLiebeck, MW; Guralnick, R; Shalev, A; Lubeck, F
1-Jan-2018An elliptic boundary value problem for $G_{2}$ structuresDonaldson, S
1-May-2019Cycle classes in overconvergent rigid cohomology and a semistable Lefschetz (1,1) theoremPal, A; Lazda, C
16-May-2019The length and depth of compact Lie groupsBurness, TC; Liebeck, MW; Shalev, A
1-Sep-2018Smooth dense subalgebras and Fourier multipliers on compact quantum groupsAkylzhanov, R; Majid, S; Ruzhansky, M; JSC "International Programmes"; The Leverhulme Trust, et al
23-Jan-2019Pseudo-differential operators with nonlinear quantizing functionsEsposito, M; Ruzhansky, M; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); The Leverhulme Trust
1-Mar-2019Wave propagation with irregular dissipation and applications to acoustic problems and shallow watersMunoz, JC; Ruzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); The Leverhulme Trust, et al
30-May-2019Algorithms determining finite simple images of finitely presented groupsBridson, M; Evans, D; Liebeck, M; Segal, D