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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2013Decay Properties of Klein-Gordon Fields on Kerr-AdS SpacetimesHolzegel, G; Smulevici, J
27-Nov-2017Unique continuation from infinity in asymptotically anti-de Sitter spacetimes II: Non-static boundariesHolzegel, G; Shao, A; Commission of the European Communities
15-Jul-2015The Einstein-Klein-Gordon-AdS system for general boundary conditionsHolzegel, G; Warnick, CM
7-Mar-2016Small-data shock formation in solutions to 3D quasilinear wave equations: An overviewHolzegel, G; Klainerman, S; Speck, J; Wong, W; Commission of the European Communities
-A scattering theory construction of dynamical vacuum black holesHolzegel, G; Dafermos, M; Rodnianski, I
20-Sep-2016Conservation laws and flux bounds for gravitational perturbations of the Schwarzschild metricHolzegel, G; Commission of the European Communities
31-Dec-2006On the nonlinear stability of higher dimensional triaxial Bianchi-{IX} black holesDafermos, M; Holzegel, G
1-Jan-2014Quasimodes and a lower bound on the uniform energy decay rate for Kerr–AdS spacetimesHolzegel, G; Smulevici, J
27-Nov-2007Ricci flows connecting Taub–Bolt and Taub–NUT metricsHolzegel, G; Schmelzer, T; Warnick, C
1-Jan-2013Stability of Schwarzschild-AdS for the Spherically Symmetric Einstein-Klein-Gordon SystemHolzegel, G; Smulevici, J