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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2017On Green functions for Dirichlet sub-Laplacians on H-type groupsGarofalo, N; Ruzhansky, M; Suragan, D;
21-Sep-2017On convolutions in Hilbert spacesKanguzhin, B; Ruzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N; , et al
15-Jan-2018Iterated line integrals over Laurent series fields of characteristic pPal, A;
1-Oct-2018On invariance of plurigenera for foliations on surfacesCascini, P; Floris, E;
2-Sep-2015Nonharmonic analysis of boundary value problemsRuzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N;
20-Jun-2016Hasse principle for Kummer varietiesHarpaz, Y; Skorobogatov, AN;
1-Sep-2018Convolution, Fourier analysis, and distributions generated by Riesz basesRuzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N; , et al
21-Nov-2016Very weak solutions of wave equation for Landau Hamiltonian with irregular electromagnetic fieldRuzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N;
9-May-2017Extended Caffarelli-Kohn-Nirenberg inequalities and superweights for Lp-weighted Hardy inequalitiesRuzhansky, M; Suragan, D; Yessirkegenov, N;
28-Feb-2018Sobolev type inequalities, Euler-Hilbert-Sobolev and Sobolev-Lorentz-Zygmund spaces on homogeneous groupsRuzhansky, M; Suragan, D; Yessirkegenov, N; , et al