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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Feb-2016Weyl Type Asymptotics and Bounds for the Eigenvalues of Functional-Difference Operators for Mirror CurvesLaptev, A; Schimmer, L; Takhtajan, LA
17-Apr-2015K-Theoretic and Categorical Properties of Toric Deligne--Mumford StacksCoates, T; Iritani, H; Jiang, Y; Segal, E
1-Feb-2003Variations on a theme of SteinbergLiebeck, MW; Seitz, GM
15-Sep-2001Sub-Gaussian estimates of heat kernels on infinite graphsGrigor'yan, A; Telcs, A
1-Feb-2005Fuchsian groups, finite simple groups and representation varietiesLiebeck, MW; Shalev, A
1-Apr-2008An averaging principle for a completely integrable stochastic Hamiltonian systemLi, X-M
19-Oct-2016Aspherical photon and anti-photon surfacesGibbons, GW; Warnick, CM
-A scattering theory construction of dynamical vacuum black holesHolzegel, G; Dafermos, M; Rodnianski, I
21-Nov-2016Very weak solutions of wave equation for Landau Hamiltonian with irregular electromagnetic fieldRuzhansky, M; Tokmagambetov, N; Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC); The Leverhulme Trust
31-Oct-2016Finding Eigenvalues and Eigenfunctions of the Zaremba Problem for the CircleLaptev, A; Peicheva, A; Shlapunov, A