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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Mar-2018Multiplicative stochastic heat equations on the whole spaceHairer, M; Labbé, C
16-Feb-2018The depth of a finite simple groupBurness, TC; Liebeck, MW; Shalev, A
1-Jul-2018Stably uniform affinoids are sheafyBuzzard, K; Verberkmoes, A
18-Jul-2017The reconstruction theorem in Besov spacesHairer, M; Labbe, C
13-Jul-2017Geometric maximizers of Schatten norms of some convolution type integral operatorsRuzhansky, M; Suragan, D
7-Jun-2018Non-equilibrium steady states for networks of oscillatorsCuneo, N; Eckmann, J-P; Hairer, M; Rey-Bellet, L
31-Dec-2017Tate cycles on some unitary Shimura varieties modHelm, D; Tian, Y; Xiao, L
10-Aug-2017Motivic zeta functions of degenerating Calabi-Yau varietiesHalle, LH; Nicaise, J
1-Aug-2018Surjective word maps and Burnside's p^a q^b theoremLiebeck, MW; Guralnick, R; O'Brien, E; Shalev, A; Tiep, PH
1-Jun-2018Fourier multipliers, symbols and nuclearity on compact manifoldsDelgado Valencia, JC; Ruzhansky, M