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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Dec-2017A central limit theorem for the KPZ equationHairer, M; Shen, H
1-Sep-2005Modulation equations: Stochastic bifurcation in large domainsBlomker, D; Hairer, M; Pavliotis, GA
1-May-2018Tightness of the Ising-Kac model on the two-dimensional torusHairer, M; Iberti, M
31-Dec-2004Malliavin calculus and ergodic properties of highly degenerate 2D stochastic Navier--Stokes equationHairer, M; Mattingly, JC; Pardoux, E
1-Sep-2018Renormalisation of parabolic stochastic PDEsHairer, M
16-Jan-2018Algebraic renormalisation of regularity structuresBruned, Y; Hairer, M; Zambotti, L
25-Mar-2014Singular stochastic PDEsHairer, M
24-Dec-2015A class of growth models rescaling to KPZHairer, M; Quastel, J
24-Aug-2018Large-scale limit of interface fluctuation modelsHairer, M; Xu, W
4-Jul-2018An analyst's take on the BPHZ theoremHairer, M