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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2014A theory of regularity structuresHairer, M
1-Mar-2018A fractional kinetic process describing the intermediate time behaviour of cellular flowsHairer, M; Iyer, G; Koralov, L; Novikov, A; Pajor-Gyulai, Z
1-Aug-2018The strong Feller property for singular stochastic PDEsHairer, M; Mattingly, J
18-Dec-2018Algebraic renormalisation of regularity structuresBruned, Y; Hairer, M; Zambotti, L; The Leverhulme Trust; Commission of the European Communities
4-Feb-2018Renormalising SPDEs in regularity structuresBruned, Y; Chandra, A; Chevyrev, I; Hairer, M
1-Jan-2019A solution theory for quasilinear singular SPDEsGerencsér, M; Hairer, M
2-Feb-2015Loss of regularity for Kolmogorov equationsHairer, M; Hutzenthaler, M; Jentzen, A
1-Sep-2013Solving the KPZ equationHairer, M
6-Oct-2014The Brownian fanHairer, M; Weare, J
15-Apr-2015Introduction to regularity structuresHairer, M