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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2018Singular SPDEs in domains with boundariesGerencsér, M; Hairer, M
7-Jun-2018Non-equilibrium steady states for networks of oscillatorsCuneo, N; Eckmann, J-P; Hairer, M; Rey-Bellet, L; The Leverhulme Trust
1-May-2018Tightness of the Ising-Kac model on the two-dimensional torusHairer, M; Iberti, M
1-Feb-2015Geometric versus non-geometric rough pathsHairer, M; Kelly, D
18-Jul-2017The reconstruction theorem in Besov spacesHairer, M; Labbe, C
6-Aug-2012SOLVING THE KPZ EQUATIONHairer, M; Jensen, A
1-May-2018Discretisations of rough stochastic PDEsHairer, M; Matetski, K
-Large scale behaviour of 3D continuous phase coexistence modelsHairer, M; Xu, W
21-Dec-2015The Dynamical Sine-Gordon ModelHairer, M; Shen, H
1-Nov-2016From averaging to homogenization in cellular flows - An exact description of the transitionHairer, M; Koralov, L; Pajor-Gyulai, Z