First particle-by-particle measurement of emittance in the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment

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Title: First particle-by-particle measurement of emittance in the Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment
Authors: Collaboration, TMICE
Adams, D
Adey, D
Asfandiyarov, R
Barber, G
Bari, AD
Bayes, R
Bayliss, V
Bertoni, R
Blackmore, V
Blondel, A
Boehm, J
Bogomilov, M
Bonesini, M
Booth, CN
Bowring, D
Boyd, S
Bradshaw, TW
Bross, AD
Brown, C
Charnley, G
Chatzitheodoridis, GT
Chignoli, F
Chung, M
Cline, D
Cobb, JH
Colling, D
Collomb, N
Cooke, P
Courthold, M
Cremaldi, LM
DeMello, A
Dick, AJ
Dobbs, A
Dornan, P
Drielsma, F
Dumbell, K
Ellis, M
Filthaut, F
Franchini, P
Freemire, B
Gallagher, A
Gamet, R
Gardener, RBS
Gourlay, S
Grant, A
Greis, JR
Griffiths, S
Hanlet, P
Hanson, GG
Hartnett, T
Heidt, C
Hodgson, P
Hunt, C
Ishimoto, S
Jokovic, D
Jurj, PB
Kaplan, DM
Karadzhov, Y
Klier, A
Kuno, Y
Kurup, A
Kyberd, P
Lagrange, J-B
Langlands, J
Lau, W
Li, D
Li, Z
Liu, A
Long, K
Lord, T
Macwaters, C
Maletic, D
Martlew, B
Martyniak, J
Mazza, R
Middleton, S
Mohayai, TA
Moss, A
Muir, A
Mullacrane, I
Nebrensky, JJ
Neuffer, D
Nichols, A
Nugent, JC
Oates, A
Orestano, D
Overton, E
Owens, P
Palladino, V
Palmer, M
Pasternak, J
Pec, V
Pidcott, C
Popovic, M
Preece, R
Prestemon, S
Rajaram, D
Ricciardi, S
Robinson, M
Rogers, C
Ronald, K
Rubinov, P
Sakamoto, H
Sanders, DA
Sato, A
Savic, M
Snopok, P
Smith, PJ
Soler, FJP
Song, Y
Stanley, T
Stokes, G
Suezaki, V
Summers, DJ
Sung, CK
Tang, J
Tarrant, J
Taylor, I
Tortora, L
Torun, Y
Tsenov, R
Tucker, M
Uchida, MA
Virostek, S
Vankova-Kirilova, G
Warburton, P
Wilbur, S
Wilson, A
Witte, H
White, C
Whyte, CG
Yang, X
Young, AR
Zisman, M
Item Type: Working Paper
Abstract: The Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment (MICE) collaboration seeks to demonstrate the feasibility of ionization cooling, the technique by which it is proposed to cool the muon beam at a future neutrino factory or muon collider. The emittance is measured from an ensemble of muons assembled from those that pass through the experiment. A pure muon ensemble is selected using a particle-identification system that can reject efficiently both pions and electrons. The position and momentum of each muon are measured using a high-precision scintillating-fibre tracker in a 4\,T solenoidal magnetic field. This paper presents the techniques used to reconstruct the phase-space distributions and reports the first particle-by-particle measurement of the emittance of the MICE Muon Beam as a function of muon-beam momentum.
Issue Date: 31-Oct-2018
Publisher: arXiv
Copyright Statement: © 2018 The authors.
Keywords: physics.acc-ph
Publication Status: Published
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