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17-Mar-20212020 roadmap on plasma acceleratorsAlbert, F; Couprie, ME; Debus, A; Downer, MC; Faure, J, et al
18-Aug-2015A fibre based triature interferometer for measuring rapidly evolving, ablatively driven plasma densitiesMacdonald, J; Bland, SN; Threadgold, J;
7-Nov-2013A gas gun based technique for studying the role of temperature in dynamic fracture and fragmentationJones, DR; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, DE
13-Sep-2016A high spatio-temporal resolution optical pyrometer at the ORION laser facilityFloyd, E; Gumbrell, ET; Fyrth, J; Luis, JD; Skidmore, JW, et al
27-Apr-2021A history of high-power laser research and development in the United KingdomDanson, CN; White, M; Barr, JRM; Bett, T; Blyth, P, et al
1-Dec-2015A laser driven pulsed X-ray backscatter technique for enhanced penetrative imagingDeas, RM; Wilson, LA; Rusby, D; Alejo, A; Allott, R, et al
28-Jun-2015A Method for Studying the Temperature Dependence of Dynamic Fracture and FragmentationJones, DR; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, DE
15-Sep-2013A Monte Carlo algorithm for degenerate plasmasTurrell, AE; Sherlock, M; Rose, SJ
1-Jan-2014A novel graded density impactorWinter, RE; Cotton, M; Harris, EJ; Chapman, DJ; Eakins, D
Nov-2020A novel method to measure ion density in ICF experiments using x-ray spectroscopy of cylindrical tracersPérez-Callejo, G; Barrios, MA; Liedahl, DA; Schneider, MB; Jones, O, et al
1-Nov-2018A primer on pulsed power and linear transformer drivers for high energy density physics applicationsMcBride, RD; Stygar, WA; Cuneo, ME; Sinars, DB; Mazarakis, MG, et al
Jul-2019A proposal to measure iron opacity at conditions close to the solar convective zone-radiative zone boundaryHoarty, DJ; Morton, J; Jeffery, M; Pattison, LK; Wardlow, A, et al
18-Jun-2020A pulsed-power implementation of “Laser Gate” for increasing laser energy coupling and fusion yield in magnetized liner inertial fusion (MagLIF)Miller, SM; Slutz, SA; Bland, SN; Klein, SR; Campbell, PC, et al
23-Feb-2017A single camera three-dimensional digital image correlation system for the study of adiabatic shear bandsWhite, TG; Patten, JRW; Wan, K-H; Pullen, AD; Chapman, DJ, et al
9-Dec-2016A treecode to simulate dust-plasma interactionsHolgate, JT; Thomas, DM
6-Feb-2013Ablation dynamics in coiled wire-array Z-pinchesHall, GN; Lebedev, SV; Suzuki Vidal, F; Swadling, G; Chittenden, JP, et al
14-Jul-2015Ablation dynamics in wire array Z-pinches under modifications on global magnetic field topologyVeloso, F; Munoz-Cordovez, G; Donoso-Tapia, L; Valenzuela-Villaseca, V; Suzuki-Vidal, F, et al
20-Aug-2017Absolute calibration of optical streak cameras on picosecond time scales using supercontinuum generationPatankar, S; Gumbrell, ET; Robinson, TS; Floyd, E; Stuart, NH, et al
4-Feb-2018ALICE: A non-LTE plasma atomic physics, kinetics and lineshape codeRose, SJ; Hill, EG; Perez-Callejo, G
11-Jan-2013Alignment and Scaling of Large-Scale Fluctuations in the Solar WindWicks, RT; Mallet, A; Horbury, TS; Chen, CHK; Schekochihin, AA, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 330