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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Sep-2017Integrative genomics of microglia implicates DLG4 (PSD95) in the white matter development of preterm infants.Krishnan, ML; Van Steenwinckel, J; Schang, A-L; Yan, J; Arnadottir, J, et al
24-Oct-2014Unique Regulatory Properties of Mesangial Cells Are Genetically Determined in the RatLai, P-C; Chiu, L-Y; Srivastava, P; Trento, C; Dazzi, F, et al
20-Aug-2018Control of inducible gene expression links cohesin to hematopoietic progenitor self-renewal and differentiationMerkenschlager, M; Cuartero, S; Weiss, F; Dharmalingam, G; Guo, Y, et al
17-May-2019miR-15a/-16 inhibit angiogenesis by targeting the Tie2 coding sequence: Therapeutic potential of a miR-15a/16 decoy system in limb ischemia.Besnier, M; Shantikumar, S; Anwar, M; Dixit, P; Chamorro-Jorganes, A, et al
17-Aug-2019Integrated systems-genetic analyses reveal a network target for delaying glioma progressionLaaniste, L; Srivastava, P; Stylianou, T; Syed, N; Cases-Cunillera, S, et al
5-Jun-2018Common signalling pathways in macrophage and osteoclast multinucleationPereira, M; Petretto, E; Gordon, S; Bassett, JHD; Williams, GR, et al
1-Feb-2017Human pericardial fluid contains exosomes enriched with cardiovascular-expressed microRNAs and promotes therapeutic angiogenesisBeltrami, C; Besnier, M; Shantikumar, S; Shearn, AIU; Rajakaruna, C, et al
14-Feb-2019Cell function in disease: there are more than two parties at playBehmoaras, J; Petretto, E