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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Aug-2016Regulation of monocyte cell fate by blood vessels mediated by Notch signallingGamrekelashvili, J; Giagnorio, R; Jussofie, J; Soehnlein, O; Duchene, J, et al
3-Feb-2016Ageing: out with the oldGil, J; Withers, DJ
24-Oct-2014Unique Regulatory Properties of Mesangial Cells Are Genetically Determined in the RatLai, P-C; Chiu, L-Y; Srivastava, P; Trento, C; Dazzi, F, et al
15-Mar-2017Exome-wide association study reveals novel susceptibility genes to sporadic dilated cardiomyopathyEsslinger, U; Garnier, S; Korniat, A; Proust, C; Kararigas, G, et al
28-Jun-2016Mutation of Fnip1 is associated with B-cell deficiency, cardiomyopathy, and elevated AMPK activitySiggs, OM; Stockenhuber, A; Deobagkar-Lele, M; Bull, KR; Crockford, TL, et al
10-Aug-2016Ordered chromatin changes and human X chromosome reactivation by cell fusion-mediated pluripotent reprogrammingCantone, I; Bagci, H; Dormann, D; Dharmalingam, G; Nesterova, T, et al
3-Oct-2016Organization of olfactory centres in the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae.Riabinina, O; Task, D; Marr, E; Lin, CC; Alford, R, et al
23-Nov-2015Control of developmentally primed erythroid genes by combinatorial co-repressor actionsStadhouders, R; Cico, A; Stephen, T; Thongjuea, S; Kolovos, P, et al
27-Mar-2015Model-independent phenotyping of C. elegans locomotion using scale-invariant feature transformKoren, Y; Sznitman, R; Arratia, PE; Carls, C; Krajacic, P, et al
3-Jun-2016MRI based preterm white matter injury classification: the importance of sequential imaging in determining severity of injuryMartinez-Biarge, M; Groenendaal, F; Kersbergen, KJ; Benders, MJ; Foti, F, et al