Application of liquid-air and pumped-thermal electricity storage systems in low-carbon electricity systems

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Title: Application of liquid-air and pumped-thermal electricity storage systems in low-carbon electricity systems
Authors: Georgiou, S
Aunedi, M
Strbac, G
Markides, C
Item Type: Conference Paper
Abstract: In this study, w e consider two medium - to large - scale electricity storage systems currently under development, namely ‘Liquid - Air Energy Storage’ (LAES) and ‘Pumped - Therma l Electricity Storage’ (PTES). Consistent t hermodynamic models and costing methodologies for the two systems are presented , with the object ive of integrating the characteristics of these technologies in to a whole - electricity system assessment model , and assess ing the ir system - level value in different scenarios for power system decarbonisation . It is found that the value of storage varies greatly depending on the cumulative installed ca pacity of storage in the electrical system, with the s torage technologies provid ing greater marginal benefits at low p enetrations . T wo carbon target scenarios showed similar results, with a limited effect of the carbon target on the system value of storage (although it is noted that this may change for even more ambitious carbon targets). On the other hand, the location and installed capacity of storage plants is found to have a significant impact on the syste m value and acceptable cost of the se technologies. The w hole - system value of PTES was found to be slightly higher than that of LAES, driven by a higher storage duration and efficiency, however, due to the higher power capital cost of PTES, this becomes les s attractive for implementat ion at lower volumes than LAES.
Issue Date: 16-Sep-2018
Date of Acceptance: 22-Jun-2018
Copyright Statement: © 2018 HPC. ©2018 The Author(s).
Sponsor/Funder: Engineering & Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC)
Natural Environment Research Council
Funder's Grant Number: EP/J006041/1
Conference Name: Heat Powered Cycles - HPC-2018
Publication Status: Published
Start Date: 2018-09-16
Finish Date: 2018-09-19
Conference Place: Bayreuth, Germany
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