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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019SPUTNIK: an R package for filtering of spatially related peaks in mass spectrometry imaging dataInglese, P; Correia, G; Takats, Z; Nicholson, JK; Glen, RC, et al
3-Jan-2019An in vitro model of impaction during hip arthroplastyDoyle, R; Boughton, O; Plant, D; DeSoutter, G; Cobb, J, et al
20-Feb-2019Subject-specific modelling of pneumoperitoneum: model implementation, validation and human feasibility assessmentCamara, M; Dawda, S; Mayer, E; Darzi, A; Pratt, P, et al
18-Mar-2019The impact of early pregnancy events on long-term pregnancy outcomes: a prospective cohort studyAl-Memar, M; Vaulet, T; Fourie, H; Nikolic, G; Bobdiwala, S, et al
20-Mar-2019Does sleeve gastrectomy expose the distal esophagus to severe reflux?: A systematic review and meta-analysisYeung, KTD; Penney, N; Ashrafian, L; Darzi, A; Ashrafian, H, et al
21-Mar-2019Estimation of tissue oxygen saturation from RGB images and sparse hyperspectral signals based on conditional generative adversarial networkLi, Q; Lin, J; Clancy, NT; Elson, DS; Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust- BRC Funding, et al
4-Mar-2019Rapid induction of liver regeneration for major hepatectomy (REBIRTH): A randomized controlled trial of portal vein embolisation versus ALPPS assisted with radiofrequency.Jiao, LR; Fajardo Puerta, AB; Gall, TMH; Sodergren, MH; Frampton, AE, et al
29-Mar-2019Investigating the safety of fast neural electrical impedance tomography in the rat brainHannan, S; Faulkner, M; Aristovich, KY; Avery, J; Holder, DS, et al
29-Mar-2019Simultaneous EIT and EEG using frequency division multiplexingAvery, J; Dowrick, T; Witkowska-Wrobel, A; Faulkner, M; Aristovich, KY, et al
29-Jan-2019Laparoscopic fluorescence image-guided photothermal therapy enhances cancer diagnosis and treatmentSingh, M; Nabavi, E; Zhou, Y; Gallina, ME; Zhao, H, et al