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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Oct-2014Molecular modeling of a tandem two pore domain potassium channel reveals a putative binding Site for general anestheticsBertaccini, EJ; Dickinson, R; Trudell, JR; Franks, NP; Medical Research Council (MRC)
27-Jun-2014Respiratory Infections Cause the Release of Extracellular Vesicles: Implications in Exacerbation of Asthma/COPDEltom, S; Dale, N; Raemdonck, KRG; Stevenson, CS; Snelgrove, RJ, et al
13-Jun-2014Growth Arrest-Specific Transcript 5 Associated snoRNA Levels Are Related to p53 Expression and DNA Damage in Colorectal CancerKrell, J; Frampton, AE; Mirnezami, R; Harding, V; De Giorgio, A, et al
1-Nov-2014Spinally projecting preproglucagon axons preferentially innervate sympathetic preganglionic neuronsLlewellyn-Smith, IJ; Marina, N; Manton, RN; Reimann, F; Gribble, FM, et al