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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2016A novel methodology for in vivo endoscopic phenotyping of colorectal cancer based on real-time analysis of the mucosal lipidome: a prospective observational study of the iKnifeAlexander, J; Gildea, L; Balog, J; Speller, A; McKenzie, J, et al
15-Jun-2017Faster, more reproducible DESI-MS for biological tissue imagingTillner, J; Wu, V; Jones, EA; Pringle, SD; Karancsi, T, et al
30-Jun-2016Imaging of esophageal lymph node metastases by desorption electrospray ionization mass spectrometryAbbassi-Ghadi, N; Golf, O; Kumar, S; Antonowicz, S; McKenzie, JS, et al
4-May-2015Benchmark datasets for 3D MALDI- and DESI-imaging mass spectrometryOetjen, J; Veselkov, K; Watrous, J; McKenzie, JS; Becker, M, et al
21-Aug-2017A prospective analysis of mucosal microbiome-metabonome interactions in colorectal cancer using a combined MAS 1HNMR and metataxonomic strategyKinross, J; Mirnezami, R; Alexander, J; Brown, R; Scott, A, et al
15-Jul-2018Exploiting and assessing multi-source data for supervised biomedical named entity recognitionGalea, D; Laponogov, I; Veselkov, K; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC); Commission of the European Communities
9-Apr-2018Metabolic biomarkers of ageing in C57BL/6J wild-type and flavin-containing monooxygenase 5 (FMO5)-knockout miceVarshavi, D; Scott, FH; Varshavi, D; Veeravalli, S; Phillips, IR, et al
24-Dec-2017Exosomal microRNAs derived from colorectal cancer-associated fibroblasts: role in driving cancer progressionBhome, R; Goh, RW; Bullock, MD; Pillar, N; Thirdborough, SM, et al
21-Feb-2017Deep learning and 3D-DESI imaging reveal the hidden metabolic heterogeneity of cancerInglese, P; McKenzie, JS; Mroz, A; Kinross, J; Veselkov, K, et al
15-Jun-2018ChemDistiller: an engine for metabolite annotation in mass spectrometryLaponogov, I; Sadawi, N; Galea, D; Mirnezami, R; Veselkov, K, et al