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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2018Augmented intraoperative surgical vision for the assessment of gastrointestinal cancer resection marginsWaldock, WJ; Avila-Rencoret, FB; Tincknell, LG; Murphy, J; Elson, DS, et al
1-Aug-2018Use of Laser Speckle Contrast Analysis during pelvic surgery in a uterine transplantation modelSaso, S; Tziraki, M; Clancy, NT; Song, L; Bracewell-Milnes, T, et al
1-Apr-2018Use of biomedical photonics in gynecological surgery: a uterine transplantation modelSaso, S; Clancy, NT; Jones, BP; Bracewell-Milnes, T; Al-Memar, M, et al
3-Jul-2018Characterization of an imaging multimode optical fiber using a digital micro-mirror device based single-beam systemDeng, L; Yan, JD; Elson, DS; Su, L
6-Aug-2018Bayes' theorem-based binary algorithm for fast reference-less calibration of a multimode fiberZhao, T; Deng, L; Wang, W; Elson, DS; Su, L
1-Jul-2018Improving temporal resolution and speed sensitivity of laser speckle contrast analysis imaging based on noise reduction with an anisotropic diffusion filterSong, L; Wang, X; Zhang, R; Zhang, K; Zhou, Z, et al
15-Jun-2018Dual-modality endoscopic probe for tissue surface shape reconstruction and hyperspectral imaging enabled by deep neural networks.Lin, J; Clancy, NT; Qi, J; Hu, Y; Tatla, T, et al
1-Oct-2018Medical roboticsElson, DS; Cleary, K; Dupont, P; Merrifield, R; Riviere, C