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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2018Automated Quantitation of Steatosis, Fibrosis and Ballooning Using Machine Learning in Routine Histological Images of Liver Biopsies of Patients with NAFLDForlano, R; Giannakeas, N; Mullish, BH; Tsipouras, M; Tzallas, A, et al
26-Jul-2017MWASTools: an R/Bioconductor package for metabolome-wide association studiesRodriguez Martinez, A; Posma, JM; Ayala, R; Neves, AL; Anwar, M, et al
7-Sep-2016Reduction of trimethylamine N-oxide to trimethylamine by the human gut microbiota: supporting evidence for 'metabolic retroversion'Hoyles, L; Jimenez-Pranteda, ML; Chilloux, J; Myridakis, A; Gauguier, D, et al
15-Mar-2016Gag- and Nef-specific responses are associated with increased proportions of regulatory T cells in treated chronic HIV-1 infectionCocker, A; Hardy, G; Herasimtschuk, A; Imami, N; Nelson, M, et al
10-May-2017Use of a next generation maleimide in combination with THIOMAB (TM) antibody technology delivers a highly stable, potent and near homogeneous THIOMAB (TM) antibody-drug conjugate (TDC)Nunes, JPM; Vassileva, V; Robinson, E; Morais, M; Smith, MEB, et al
1-May-201824 - A novel route to controlling Clostridioides Difficile growth via short chain fatty acid and bile acid modulationMcDonald, JAK; Mullish, BH; Pechlivanis, A; Li, JV; Nicholson, JK, et al
1-May-2018Tu1894 - Potential Motivators and Deterents for Stool Donors: A Multicenter StudyMcSweeney, B; Allegretti, JR; Fischer, M; Monaghan, T; Mullish, BH, et al
1-May-201825 - Microbiome and metabolic markers of Clostridium Difficile recurranceAllegretti, JR; Mullish, BH; Bogart, E; Shu, E; Dong, X, et al
1-Jun-2018Letter: improvements in mental health after faecal microbiota transplantationā€”an underexplored treatmentā€related benefit?Mullish, BH; Medical Research Council; Medical Research Council (MRC)
19-Feb-2018Optimized phenotypic biomarker discovery and confounder elimination via covariate-adjusted projection to latent structures from metabolic spectroscopy dataPosma, JM; Garcia Perez, I; Ebbels, TMD; Lindon, JC; Stamler, J, et al