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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2014Prostate cancer cell malignancy via modulation of HIF-1 alpha pathway with isoflurane and propofol alone and in combinationHuang, H; Benzonana, LL; Zhao, H; Watts, HR; Perry, NJS, et al
1-Oct-2014Cardiac remodelling during pregnancy: whither the guinea pig?Taggart, MJ; Hume, R; Lartey, J; Johnson, M; Tong, W-C, et al
22-Dec-2014LARP1 post-transcriptionally regulates mTOR and contributes to cancer progressionMura, M; Hopkins, TG; Michael, T; Abd-Latip, N; Weir, J, et al
21-Jan-2014Engineered repressors are potent inhibitors of androgen receptor activityBrooke, GN; Powell, SM; Lavery, DN; Waxman, J; Buluwela, L, et al
1-Dec-2014A switch from canonical to noncanonical Wnt signaling mediates early differentiation of human neural stem cellsBengoa-Vergniory, N; Gorrono-Etxebarria, I; Gonzalez-Salazar, I; Kypta, RM
9-Apr-2014An intelligent clinical decision support system for patient-specific predictions to improve cervical intraepithelial neoplasia detectionBountris, P; Haritou, M; Pouliakis, A; Margari, N; Kyrgiou, M, et al
3-Jan-2014Histology verification demonstrates that biospectroscopy analysis of cervical cytology identifies underlying disease more accurately than conventional screening: Removing the confounder of discordanceGajjar, K; Ahmadzai, AA; Valasoulis, G; Trevisan, J; Founta, C, et al
16-Jan-2014Predicting Free-living Energy Expenditure Using a Miniaturized Ear-Worn Sensor: An Evaluation Against Doubly Labelled WaterBouarfa, L; Atallah, L; Kwasnicki, RM; Pettitt, C; Frost, G, et al
6-Nov-2014Case 25-2014: A man with ulcerative colitis and bloody diarrhea.Mullish, BH
1-Jan-2014Multispectral Imaging of Organ Viability during Uterine Transplantation SurgeryClancy, NT; Saso, S; Stoyanov, D; Sauvage, V; Corless, DJ, et al