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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-2010Short- and long-term outcome of laparostomy following intra-abdominal sepsis.Anderson, O; Putnis, A; Bhardwaj, R; Ho-Asjoe, M; Carapeti, E, et al
31-May-2010Contrast effects on sequence assessments - a thesisNi, Z
20-Oct-2010Polytomous diagnosis of ovarian tumors as benign, borderline, primary invasive or metastatic: development and validation of standard and kernel-based risk prediction modelsVan Calster, B; Valentin, L; Van Holsbeke, C; Testa, AC; Bourne, T, et al
1-Jul-2010Systems parasitology: effects of Fasciola hepatica on the neurochemical profile in the rat brainSaric, J; Li, JV; Utzinger, J; Wang, Y; Keiser, J, et al
31-Jan-2010Should the NHS be privatized? Annual varsity medical debate - London, 22 January 2010.Budhdeo, S; Maruthappu, M; Sugand, K
10-Mar-2010Wnt-11 promotes neuroendocrine-like differentiation, survival and migration of prostate cancer cellsUysal-Onganer, P; Kawano, Y; Caro, M; Walker, MM; Diez, S, et al
26-Jan-2010Function after spinal treatment, exercise and rehabilitation (FASTER): improving the functional outcome of spinal surgeryMcGregor, AH; Dore, CJ; Morris, TP; Morris, S; Jamrozik, K
31-Mar-2010Use of Human Cancer Cell Lines Mitochondria to Explore the Mechanisms of BH3 Peptides and ABT-737-Induced Mitochondrial Membrane PermeabilizationBuron, N; Porceddu, M; Brabant, M; Desgue, D; Racoeur, C, et al
21-Mar-2010The volume-mortality relation for radical cystectomy in England: retrospective analysis of hospital episode statisticsMayer, EK; Bottle, A; Darzi, AW; Athanasiou, T; Vale, JA
17-Aug-2010Imaging of Vascular Inflammation With [C-11]-PK11195 and Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography AngiographyPugliese, F; Gaemperli, O; Kinderlerer, AR; Lamare, F; Shalhoub, J, et al