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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2015Unique metabolites protect earthworms against plant polyphenolsBundy, JG; Liebeke, M; Strittmatter, N; Fearn, S; Morgan, AJ, et al
28-May-2015Development of nanoelectrospray high resolution isotope dilution mass spectrometry for targeted quantitative analysis of urinary metabolites: application to population profiling and clinical studiesChekmeneva, E; Correia, G; Denes, J; Gomez-Romero, M; Wijeyesekera, A, et al
4-May-2015Benchmark datasets for 3D MALDI- and DESI-imaging mass spectrometryOetjen, J; Veselkov, K; Watrous, J; McKenzie, JS; Becker, M, et al
11-Feb-2015Rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry imaging platform for direct mapping from bulk tissue and bacterial growth mediaGolf, O; Strittmatter, N; Karancsi, T; Pringle, SD; Speller, AVM, et al
23-Sep-2015Quantitative analytical method for the determination of biotinidase activity in dried blood spot samplesSzabo, E; Szatmari, I; Szonyi, L; Takats, Z
6-Aug-2015In vivo endoscopic tissue identification tool utilising Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry (REIMS)Balog, J; Kumar; Alexander, J; Golf, O; Huang, J, et al