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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2019Focal laser ablation as clinical treatment of prostate cancer: Report from a Delphi consensus projectVan Luijtelaar, A; Greenwood, BM; Ahmed, HU; Barqawi, AB; Barret, E, et al
18-Mar-2019Medium term oncological outcomes in a large cohort of men treated with either focal or hemi-ablation using HIFU for primary localized prostate cancerStabile, A; Orczyk, C; Hosking-Jervis, F; Giganti, F; Arya, M, et al
19-Feb-2019A prospective analysis of robotic targeted MRI-US fusion prostate biopsy using the centroid targeting approachMiah, S; Servian, P; Patel, A; Lovegrove, C; Skelton, L, et al
21-Mar-2019Robot-assisted radical prostatectomy after focal therapy: oncological, functional outcomes and predictors of recurrenceMarconi, L; Stonier, T; Tourinho-Barbosa, R; Moore, C; Ahmed, HU, et al
25-Feb-2019The effects of testosterone replacement therapy on the prostate: a clinical perspective [version 1; referees: 2 approved]Miah, S; Tharakan, T; Gallagher, KA; Shah, TT; Winkler, M, et al
26-Mar-2019MRI-guided ultrafocal HDR-brachytherapy for localised prostate cancer: median 4 year results of a feasibility study.Peters, M; Van Son, MJ; Moerland, MA; Kerkmeijer, LGW; Eppinga, WSC, et al
1-Jan-2019A prospective clinical, cost and environmental analysis of a clinician-led virtual urology clinicMiah, S; Dunford, C; Edison, M; Eldred-Evans, D; Gan, C, et al
23-Jul-2019Comparison of TRUS-Biopsy to transperineal template mapping biopsies stratified by multi-parametric MRI score within the PROMIS trial.Lovegrove, C; Miah, S; El-Shater Bosaily, A; Bott, S; Brown, L, et al
2-Jun-2019Targeted biopsy of the prostate: Does this result in improvement in detection of high-grade cancer or the occurrence of the Will Rogers phenomenon?Bass, EJ; Orczyk, C; Grey, A; Freeman, A; Jameson, C, et al
11-Jun-2019Machine learning classifiers can predict Gleason pattern 4 prostate cancer with greater accuracy than experienced radiologistsAntonelli, M; Johnston, EW; Dikaios, N; Cheung, KK; Sidhu, HS, et al