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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Apr-2018An integrated TCGA pan-cancer clinical data resource to drive high-quality survival outcome analyticsLiu, J; Lichtenberg, T; Hoadley, KA; Poisson, LM; Lazar, AJ, et al
3-Apr-2018Spatial organization and molecular correlation of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes using deep learning on pathology imagesSaltz, J; Gupta, R; Hou, L; Kurc, T; Singh, P, et al
30-Oct-2018Comprehensive molecular characterization of the Hippo signaling pathway in cancerWang, Y; Xu, X; Maglic, D; Dill, MT; Mojumdar, K, et al
9-Apr-2018lncRNA epigenetic landscape analysis identifies EPIC1 as an oncogenic lncRNA that interacts with MYC and promotes cell-cycle progression in cancerWang, Z; Yang, B; Zhang, M; Guo, W; Wu, Z, et al
13-Mar-2019Correction: Safety and utility of image-guided research biopsies in relapsed high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma-experience of the BriTROC consortium.Goranova, T; Ennis, D; Piskorz, AM; Macintyre, G; Lewsley, LA, et al
12-Feb-2019Birth weight in pregnancies complicated by maternal heart diseaseCauldwell, M; Steer, P; Sterrenburg, M; Wallace, S; Malin, G, et al
9-May-2019Somatic variants in epigenetic modifiers can predict failure of response to imatinib but not to second generation tyrosine kinase inhibitorsNteliopoulos, G; Bazeos, A; Claudiani, S; Gerrard, G; Curry, E, et al
21-May-2019Chronic pain in critical care survivors: a narrative reviewKemp, HI; Laycock, H; Costello, A; Brett, SJ
13-May-2019Immunomodulatory changes following isolated RF ablation in colorectal liver metastases: a case reportJanikashvili, N; Jayant, K; Kikodze, N; Mazmishvili, K; Pantsulaia, I, et al
15-Jun-2018Dual-modality endoscopic probe for tissue surface shape reconstruction and hyperspectral imaging enabled by deep neural networks.Lin, J; Clancy, NT; Qi, J; Hu, Y; Tatla, T, et al