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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Sep-2008The Difficult Case of Crystallization and Structure Solution for the ParC55 Breakage-Reunion Domain of Topoisomerase IV from Streptococcus pneumoniaeSohi, MK; Veselkov, DA; Laponogov, I; Pan, XS; Fisher, LM, et al
18-Aug-2008Carbon monoxide poisoning in a patient with carbon dioxide retention: a therapeutic challenge.Lane, TRA; Williamson, WJ; Brostoff, JM
7-Dec-2008An empirical framework for binary interactome mappingVenkatesan, K; Rual, J-F; Vazquez, A; Stelzl, U; Lemmens, I, et al
1-Sep-2008Heterokaryon-based reprogramming of human B lymphocytes for pluripotency requires Oct4 but not Sox2Pereira, CF; Terranova, R; Ryan, NK; Santos, J; Morris, KJ, et al
3-Jun-2008A phase Ib trial of docetaxel, carboplatin and erlotinib in ovarian, fallopian tube and primary peritoneal cancers.Vasey, PA; Gore, M; Wilson, R; Rustin, G; Gabra, H, et al