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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Feb-2008Effect of prolonged intravenous glucose and essential amino acid infusion on nitrogen balance, muscle protein degradation and ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme gene expression in calvesSadiq, F; Crompton, LA; Scaife, JR; Lomax, MA
8-Jan-2008Androgen resistance in prostate cancerWaxman, J; Ngan, S
31-Jan-2008Intraperitoneal aerosolization of bupivacaine is a safe and effective method in controlling postoperative pain in laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.Alkhamesi, NA; Kane, JM; Guske, PJ; Wallace, JW; Rantis, PC
11-Dec-2008Effect of Aspirin or Resistant Starch on Colorectal Neoplasia in the Lynch SyndromeBurn, J; Bishop, DT; Mecklin, J-P; Macrae, F; Moeslein, G, et al
1-May-2008Speaker segmentation and clusteringKotti, M; Moschou, V; Kotropoulos, C
1-Nov-2008Audio-assisted movie dialogue detectionKotti, M; Ververidis, D; Evangelopoulos, G; Panagakis, I; Kotropoulos, C, et al
1-Dec-2008Computationally Efficient and Robust BIC-Based Speaker SegmentationKotti, M; Benetos, E; Kotropoulos, C
19-Feb-2008Phosphorylation at serines 104 and 106 by Erk1/2 MAPK is important for estrogen receptor-α activityThomas, RS; Sarwar, N; Phoenix, F; Coombes, RC; Ali, S
5-Feb-2008Increased capsaicin receptor TRPV1-expressing sensory fibres in irritable bowel syndrome and their correlation with abdominal painAkbar, A; Yiangou, Y; Facer, P; Walters, JRF; Anand, P, et al
6-Aug-2008Protein Crystals in Adenovirus Type 5-Infected Cells: Requirements for Intranuclear Crystallogenesis, Structural and Functional AnalysisFranqueville, L; Henning, P; Magnusson, M; Vigne, E; Schoehn, G, et al