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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Apr-2013Circulating microRNAs as potential new biomarkers for prostate cancerSita-Lumsden, A; Dart, DA; Waxman, J; Bevan, CL; Cancer Research UK, et al
31-Jan-2011Androgen Receptor Signalling in Prostate Cancer: The Functional Consequences of AcetylationLavery, DN; Bevan, CL; Cancer Research UK; Cancer Research UK
4-Apr-2016BRCA1 positively regulates FOXO3 expression by restricting FOXO3 gene methylation and epigenetic silencing through targeting EZH2 in breast cancerLam, EW; Gong, C; Yao, S; Gomes, AR; Cancer Research UK, et al
21-Aug-2015Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and trastuzumab versus neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by post-operative trastuzumab for patients with HER2-positive breast cancerPalmieri, C; Macpherson, IRJ; Yan, K; Ades, F; Riddle, P, et al
1-Jun-2018The FOXO3-FOXM1 Axis: a key cancer drug target and a modulator of cancer drug resistanceYao, S; Fan, YN; Lam, EW; Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC); Imperial College Trust, et al
12-Sep-2017Multiplexed imaging for diagnosis and therapyHeinzmann, K; Carter, LM; Lewis, JS; Aboagye, EO; Cancer Research UK, et al
8-Jun-2018Targeting autophagy sensitises lung cancer cells to Src family kinase inhibitorsPardo, OE; Rupniewska, E; Roy, R; Mauri, FA; Liu, X, et al
27-Apr-2017British Society of Gastroenterology position statement on serrated polyps in the colon and rectumEast, JE; Atkin, WS; Bateman, AC; Clark, SK; Dolwani, S, et al
4-May-2018Extensive and systematic rewiring of histone post-translational modifications in cancer model systemsNoberini, R; Osti, D; Miccolo, C; Richichi, C; Lupia, M, et al
1-Apr-2017The clinical effectiveness of different surveillance strategies to prevent colorectal cancer in people with intermediate-grade colorectal adenomas: a retrospective cohort analysis, and psychological and economic evaluationsAtkin, W; Brenner, A; Martin, J; Wooldrage, K; Shah, U, et al