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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jun-2017A systemic review on radiofrequency assisted laparoscopic liver resection: Challenges and window to excelReccia, I; Kumar, J; Tomokazu, K; Zanellato, A; Draz, A, et al
20-Jun-2018Progesterone Modulation of Pregnancy-Related Immune ResponsesShah, NM; Imami, N; Johnson, MR; Imperial College Trust
1-Mar-2017Immunological changes in the choriodecidua, placenta and amnion in preterm deliveries secondary to chorioamnionitis.Sivarajasingam, SP; Das, A; Herbert, BR; Fais, MF; Singh, N, et al
1-Sep-2018Novel trifluoromethylated enobosarm analogues with potent anti-androgenic activity in vitro and tissue selectivity in vivoDart, DA; Kandil, S; Tommasini-Ghelfi, S; Serrano de Almeida, G; Bevan, CL, et al
13-Aug-2018microRNAs: novel regulators of the TGF- pathway in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomaOttaviani, S; Castellano, L; Pancreatic Cancer UK; Imperial College Trust