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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2018Current variation in the practice of measuring post-operative pain outcomes: time for a national consensus?Small, C; Kemp, H; Haywood, K; Srivastava, D
10-Apr-2018Thyroid hormone in the regulation of hepatocellular carcinoma and its microenvironmentManka, P; Coombes, JD; Boosman, R; Gauthier, K; Papa, S, et al
15-Jul-2018Evidence for the existence of a CXCL17 receptor distinct from GPR35Amir, NASBM; Mackenzie, AE; Jenkins, L; Boustani, K; Hillier, MC, et al
1-Oct-2018Re: Predictors of infectious complications after targeted prophylaxis for prostate needle biopsyMiah, S; Winkler, M; Ahmed, HU; Wellcome Trust; University College London Hospitals Charity
1-Dec-2018Minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles 2018 (MISEV2018): a position statement of the International Society for Extracellular Vesicles and update of the MISEV2014 guidelinesThery, C; Witwer, KW; Aikawa, E; Jose Alcaraz, M; Anderson, JD, et al
1-Feb-2018Automatic Recognition of Pain, Anxiety, Engagement and Tiredness for Virtual Rehabilitation from Stroke: A Marginalization ApproachJoel Rivas, J; Palafox, L; Hernandez-Franco, J; Del Carmen Lara, M; Bianchi-Berthouze, N, et al
28-Dec-2018British Thoracic Society guideline for bronchiectasis in adultsHill, AT; Sullivan, AL; Chalmers, JD; De Soyza, A; Elborn, JS, et al
1-Aug-2018Variation in exhaled acetone and other ketones in patients undergoing bariatric surgery: a prospective cross-sectional studyBoshier, PR; Fehervari, M; Markar, SR; Purkayastha, S; Spanel, P, et al
4-Dec-2018Microsatellite instability test using peptide nucleic acid probe-mediated melting point analysis: a comparison studyJang, M; Kwon, Y; Kim, H; Kim, H; Min, BS, et al
1-Jan-2018The UK EndoVascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) randomised controlled trials: long-term follow-up and cost-effectiveness analysisPatel, R; Powell, JT; Sweeting, MJ; Epstein, DM; Barrett, JK, et al