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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Jan-2018A Comprehensive HIV Program by an Indigenous Organization in Nigeria: A 5 Year Progress ReportOleribe, OO; Osita-Oleribe, P; Nwachukwu, C; Ekom, E; Nwabuzor, S, et al
17-Dec-2018The Metabolic Fate and Effects of 2-Bromophenol in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats.Adesina-Georgiadis, KN; Gray, N; Plumb, RS; Thompson, DF; Holmes, E, et al
1-Mar-2018Risk of GERD-related disorders in obese patients on PPI therapy: a population analysisErridge, S; Moussa, O; Ziprin, P; Purkayastha, S
18-Dec-2018Minimally invasive percutaneous plate osteosynthesis versus intramedullary nail fixation for closed distal tibial fractures: a meta-analysis of the clinical outcomesGoh, EL; Chidambaram, S; Eigenmann, D; Ma, S; Jones, GG
20-Mar-2018Propionate has protective and anti-inflammatory effects on the blood–brain barrierHoyles, L; Snelling, T; Umlai, U-K; Nicholson, J; Carding, S, et al
12-Jun-2018Assessment and management of patients with intestinal failure: a multidisciplinary approachGrainger, JT; Maeda, Y; Donnelly, SC; Vaizey, CJ
1-Jun-2018Learning-based endovascular navigation through the use of non-rigid registration for collaborative robotic catheterizationChi, W; Liu, J; Rafii-Tari, H; Riga, C; Bicknell, C, et al
17-Oct-2018Targeting SPINK1 in the damaged tumour microenvironment alleviates therapeutic resistanceLam, EW; Cancer Research UK; Breast Cancer Now; Breast Cancer Now; Medical Research Council (MRC)
14-Feb-2018Beyond weight loss; establishing a post-bariatric surgery patient support group. What do patients want?Hameed, S; Salem, V; Tan, T; Collins, A; Shah, K, et al
19-Jan-2018Successful strategies in implementing a multidisciplinary team working in the care of patients with cancer: an overview and synthesis of the available literatureSoukup, T; Lamb, BW; Arora, S; Darzi, A; Sevdalis, N, et al