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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2010Fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for brain tumor image-guided surgerySun, Y; Hatami, N; Yee, M; Phipps, J; Elson, DS, et al
28-Feb-2011Dynamic tissue analysis using time- and wavelength-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy for atherosclerosis diagnosisSun, Y; Sun, Y; Stephens, D; Xie, H; Phipps, J, et al
6-Aug-2011Ultrasound-mediated optical tomography: a review of current methodsElson, DS; Li, R; Dunsby, C; Eckersley, R; Tang, M-X
1-Sep-2010Wide-field fluorescence lifetime imaging of cancerMcGinty, J; Galletly, NP; Dunsby, C; Munro, I; Elson, DS, et al
1-Jan-2013Effect of signal intensity and camera quantization on laser speckle contrast analysis.Song, L; Elson, DS
30-Sep-2015Intraoperative measurement of bowel oxygen saturation using a multispectral imaging laparoscopeClancy, NT; Arya, S; Stoyanov, D; Singh, M; Hanna, GB, et al
1-Mar-2016Simulation of speckle patterns with pre-defined correlation distributionsSong, L; Zhou, Z; Wang, X; Zhao, X; Elson, DS, et al
1-Apr-2018Use of biomedical photonics in gynecological surgery: a uterine transplantation modelSaso, S; Clancy, NT; Jones, BP; Bracewell-Milnes, T; Al-Memar, M, et al
1-Jan-2015Detecting tissue optical and mechanical properties with an ultrasound modulated optical imaging system in reflection detection geometryCheng, Y; Li, S; Eckersley, RJ; Elson, DS; Tang, M-X
5-May-2015Dual shear wave induced laser speckle contrast signal and the improvement in shear wave speed measurementLi, S; Cheng, Y; Eckersley, RJ; Elson, DS; Tang, M-X, et al