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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Feb-2016Aurora kinase inhibitor nanoparticles target tumors with favorable therapeutic index in vivoAshton, S; Song, YH; Nolan, J; Cadogan, E; Murray, J, et al
23-Sep-2015Quantitative analytical method for the determination of biotinidase activity in dried blood spot samplesSzabo, E; Szatmari, I; Szonyi, L; Takats, Z
1-Jan-2018Effect of electrode geometry on the classification performance of Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometric (REIMS) bacterial identificationBodai, Z; Cameron, S; Bolt, F; Simon, D; Schaffer, R, et al
9-Apr-2018Metabolic biomarkers of ageing in C57BL/6J wild-type and flavin-containing monooxygenase 5 (FMO5)-knockout miceVarshavi, D; Scott, FH; Varshavi, D; Veeravalli, S; Phillips, IR, et al
19-Jul-2018Metabolic phenotyping and strain characterisation of pseudomonas aeruginosa Isolates from cystic fibrosis patients using rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometryBardin, EE; Cameron, SJS; Perdones-Montero, A; Hardiman, K; Bolt, F, et al
-Variational autoencoders for tissue heterogeneity exploration from (almost) no preprocessed mass spectrometry imaging dataInglese, P; Alexander, JL; Mroz, A; Takats, Z; Glen, R
10-May-2016Intraoperative tissue identification by mass spectrometric technologiesSt John, ER; Rossi, M; Pruski, P; Darzi, A; Takats, Z
29-Mar-2017Reducing the Margins of Error During Breast-Conserving Surgery Disruptive Technologies or Traditional Disruptions?Leff, DR; St John, ER; Takats, Z; Micromass UK Ltd
5-Jul-2016Shotgun Lipidomic Profiling of the NCI60 Cell Line Panel Using Rapid Evaporative Ionization Mass Spectrometry.Strittmatter, N; Lovrics, A; Sessler, J; McKenzie, JS; Bodai, Z, et al
18-Feb-2016Rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry towards real time intraoperative oncological margin status determination in breast conserving surgerySt John, ER; Al-Khudairi, R; Balog, J; Rossi, M; Gildea, L, et al