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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2019Early may be better – early low dose norepinephrine in septic shockRussell, JA; Gordon, AC; Walley, KR;
3-May-2019Heterogeneity of treatment effect by baseline risk of mortality in critically ill patients: re-analysis of three recent sepsis and ARDS randomised controlled trialsSanthakumaran, S; Gordon, AC; Prevost, A; O'Kane, C; McAuley, DF, et al
5-Oct-2016Levosimendan for the prevention of acute organ dysfunction in sepsisGordon, AC; Perkins, GD; Singer, M; McAuley, DF; Orme, RML, et al
1-Oct-2016Sepsis: frontiers in diagnosis, resuscitation and antibiotic therapyPerner, A; Gordon, AC; De Backer, D; Dimopoulos, G; Russell, JA, et al
30-Dec-2016Shared and distinct aspects of the sepsis transcriptomic response to fecal peritonitis and pneumonia.Burnham, KL; Davenport, EE; Radhakrishnan, J; Humburg, P; Gordon, AC, et al
8-May-2018Association of Vasopressin Plus Catecholamine Vasopressors vs Catecholamines Alone With Atrial Fibrillation in Patients With Distributive ShockMcIntyre, WF; Um, KJ; Alhazzani, W; Lengyel, AP; Hajjar, L, et al
21-Dec-2016Statin therapy for acute respiratory distress syndrome: an individual patient data meta-analysis of randomised clinical trialsNagendran, M; McAuley, DF; Kruger, PS; Papazian, L; Truwit, JD, et al
4-May-2017Cardiac ischemia in patients with septic shock randomized to vasopressin or norepinephrine (vol 17, R117, 2013)Mehta, S; Granton, J; Gordon, AC; Cook, DJ; Lapinsky, S, et al
4-Jun-2018A global perspective on vasoactive agents in shockAnnane, D; Ouanes-Besbes, L; De Backer, D; Du, B; Gordon, AC, et al
11-Jan-2006Inhaled beta-2 agonist salbutamol and acute lung injury: An association with improvement in acute lung injuryManocha, S; Gordon, AC; Salehifar, E; Groshaus, H; Walley, KR, et al