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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2020Barriers and facilitators to incident reporting in mental healthcare settings: a qualitative studyArcher, S; Thibaut, B; Dewa, L; Ramtale, S; D'Lima, D, et al
12-Aug-2019Shape sensing of variable stiffness soft robots using electrical impedance tomographyAvery, J; Runciman, M; Darzi, A; Mylonas, GP; Howard, A, et al
9-Jun-2020Views of advance care planning in caregivers of older hospitalised patients following an emergency admission: a qualitative studyBielinska, A; Archer, S; Soosaipillai, G; Riley, J; Darzi, A, et al
1-Jun-2020Remote shared care delivery: a virtual response to COVID-19Ramdas, K; Ahmed, F; Darzi, A;
26-Apr-2020Neuroenhancement in surgeons: Benefits, risks and ethical dilemmasPatel, R; Ashcroft, J; Darzi, A; Singh, H; Leff, D, et al
Jul-2019Surgery, complications and quality of life: a longitudinal cohort study exploring the role of psychosocial factorsArcher, SA; Pinto, A; Vuik, S; Bicknell, C; Faiz, O, et al
1-Jan-2020International evaluation of an AI system for breast cancer screeningMcKinney, SM; Sieniek, M; Godbole, V; Godwin, J; Antropova, N, et al
-Multitasking and time pressure in the operating room: impact on surgeons’ brain functionModi, H; Singh, H; Darzi, A; Leff, D;