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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2016The influence of cognitive load on technical ability among surgical traineesModi, HN; Leff, DR; Singh, H; Darzi, A
1-Oct-2015Lack of engagement in surgical quality improvement research is associated with poorer quality of care.Byrne, B; Aylin, P; Bottle, R; Faiz, O; Darzi, A, et al
30-Nov-2016Global Diffusion of Healthcare Innovation: Making the Connections. Report for the World Innovation Summit for HealthHarris, MJ; Bhatti, Y; Prime, M; Del Castillo, J; Parston, G, et al
25-Jun-2016NeuroCYCLOPS: a novel system for endoscopic neurosurgeryOude Vrielink, TJC; Khan, DZ; Marcus, H; Darzi, A; Mylonas, G
18-Feb-2016Rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry towards real time intraoperative oncological margin status determination in breast conserving surgerySt John, ER; Al-Khudairi, R; Balog, J; Rossi, M; Gildea, L, et al
25-Jun-2017“Losing Your Nerve in the Operating Room” – Prefrontal Attenuation is Associated with Performance Degradation under Temporal DemandsSingh, H; Modi, HN; Yang, GZ; Darzi, A; Leff, DR, et al
4-Sep-2016NeuroCYCLOPS: development and preclinical validation of a robotic platform for endoscopic neurosurgeryKhan, DZ; Oude Vrielink, TJC; Marcus, H; Darzi, A; Mylonas, G, et al
28-Jul-2017Wearable activity sensors: using physical activity to predict length of hospital stay?Abeles, A; Kwasnicki, RM; Geoghegan, L; Pratt, P; Darzi, A
1-Apr-2017The robotix simulator: face and content validation using the fundamentals of robotic surgery (FRS) curriculumOmar, I; Dilley, J; Pucher, P; Pratt, P; Ameen, T, et al
1-Jan-2014Practical Intraoperative Stereo Camera CalibrationPratt, P; Bergeles, C; Darzi, A; Yang, G-Z; Golland, P, et al