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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2018Partial ablation versus radical prostatectomy in intermediate-risk prostate cancer: the PART feasibility RCTHamdy, FC; Elliott, D; Le Conte, S; Davies, LC; Burns, RM, et al
1-Jul-2015Histological outcomes after focal high-intensity focused ultrasound and cryotherapyShah, TT; Kasivisvanathan, V; Jameson, C; Freeman, A; Emberton, M, et al
19-Jul-2017Intratumoural evolutionary landscape of high-risk prostate cancer: the PROGENY study of genomic and immune parametersLinch, M; Goh, G; Hiley, C; Shanmugabavan, Y; McGranahan, N, et al
19-Sep-2017Optimising the Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer in the Era of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis Based on the Prostate MR Imaging Study (PROMIS).Faria, R; Soares, MO; Spackman, E; Ahmed, HU; Brown, LC, et al
28-Sep-2017Magnetic resonance imaging in the early detection of prostate cancer and review of the literature on magnetic resonance imaging-stratified clinical pathwaysShah, TT; To, WKL; Ahmed, HU; Wellcome Trust
18-Sep-2017Development and internal validation of prediction models for biochemical failure and composite failure after focal salvage high intensity focused ultrasound for local radiorecurrent prostate cancer: Presentation of risk scores for individual patient prognoses.Peters, M; Kanthabalan, A; Shah, TT; McCartan, N; Moore, CM, et al
7-Dec-2016Magnetic resonance imaging-transrectal ultrasound fusion focal cryotherapy of the prostate: A prospective development studyValerio, M; Shah, TT; Shah, P; Mccartan, N; Emberton, M, et al
5-Oct-2017The death of ink: the value of typing skills as an addition to the medical school curriculumMiah, S; Ahmed, HU; Wellcome Trust
20-Sep-2016Prostate-specific antigen vs. magnetic resonance imaging parameters for assessing oncological outcomes after high intensity-focused ultrasound focal therapy for localized prostate cancer.Dickinson, L; Ahmed, HU; Hindley, RG; McCartan, N; Freeman, A, et al
30-Sep-2016Nanoknife electroporation ablation trial: a prospective development study investigating focal irreversible electroporation for localized prostate cancerValerio, M; Dickinson, L; Ali, A; Ramachadran, N; Donaldson, I, et al