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15-Mar-2016Effect of Inhaled Xenon on Cerebral White Matter Damage in Comatose Survivors of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Randomized Clinical TrialLaitio, R; Hynninen, M; Arola, O; Virtanen, S; Parkkola, R, et al
7-Apr-2010NF-kB regulates a cassette of immune/inflammatory genes in human pregnant myometrium at termKhanjani, S; Kandola, MK; Lindstrom, TM; Sooranna, SR; Melchionda, M, et al
1-May-2015Antiandrogens act as selective androgen receptor modulators at the proteome Level in prostate cancer cellsBrooke, GN; Gamble, SC; Hough, MA; Begum, S; Dart, DA, et al
25-Jul-2014Interplay between steroid signalling and microRNAs: implications for hormone-dependent cancersFletcher, CE; Dart, DA; Bevan, CL
25-May-2013Inactive or moderately active human promoters are enriched for inter-individual epiallelesGemma, C; Ramagopalan, SV; Down, TA; Beyan, H; Hawa, MI, et al
31-Jul-2015Venous thromboembolism, interleukin-6 and survival outcomes in patients with advanced ovarian clear cell carcinomaMatsuo, K; Hasegawa, K; Yoshino, K; Murakami, R; Hisamatsu, T, et al
14-Mar-2015Assessing pain objectively: The use of physiological markersCowen, R; Stasiowska, M; Laycock, HC; Bantel, C
1-Jul-2015Corneal shape, volume, and interocular symmetry: parameters to optimize the design of biosynthetic corneal substitutesDurr, GM; Auvinet, E; Ong, J; Meunier, J; Brunette, I
5-Jun-2007Skeletonization of radial and gastroepiploic conduits in coronary artery bypass surgeryMassey, RM; Warren, OJ; Szczeklik M; Wallace, S; Leff, DR, et al
4-Feb-2011Clinical value of SPECT/CT for evaluation of patients with painful knees after total knee arthroplasty-a new dimension of diagnostics?Hirschmann, MT; Konala, P; Iranpour, F; Kerner, A; Rasch, H, et al