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23-May-2017Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry of Electrosurgical Vapours for the Identification of Breast Pathology: Towards an Intelligent Knife for Breast Cancer SurgerySt John, ERC; Leff, D; Takats, Z; Darzi, A
25-Nov-2016The global shortage of health workers-an opportunity to transform careDarzi, A; Evans, T
5-Jun-2007Skeletonization of radial and gastroepiploic conduits in coronary artery bypass surgeryMassey, RM; Warren, OJ; Szczeklik M; Wallace, S; Leff, DR, et al
25-Jun-2016Macro- and micro-scale 3D gaze tracking in the operating theatreKogkas, AA; Sodergren, M; Darzi, A; Mylonas, G
18-Apr-2017Do international health partnerships contribute to reverse innovation? A mixed methods study of THET-supported partnerships in the UKKulasabanathan, K; Issa, H; Bhatti, Y; Prime, M; Del Castillo, J, et al
12-Jul-2016The use of commitment techniques to support weight loss maintenance in obese adolescents.Kulendran, M; Vlaev, I; King, D; Schmidtke, KA; Curtis, C, et al
15-Feb-2016Abstract P2-12-20: rapid evaporative ionisation mass spectrometry towards real time intraoperative oncological margin status determination in breast conserving surgerySt John, ER; Al-Khudairi, R; Balog, J; Rossi, M; Gildea, L, et al
25-Nov-2016A quantitative evidence base for population health: applying utilization-based cluster analysis to segment a patient populationVuik, SI; Mayer, E; Darzi, A
1-Apr-2015The endoscopy evolution: 'the superscope era'Patel, N; Darzi, A; Teare, J
20-Mar-2015Anticipation and choice heuristics in the dynamic consumption of pain reliefStory, GW; Vlaev, I; Dayan, P; Seymour, B; Darzi, A, et al