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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Apr-2010New insights into the genetic control of gene expression using a Bayesian multi-tissue approach.Petretto, E; Bottolo, L; Langley, SR; Heinig, M; McDermott-Roe, C, et al
1-Jun-2010Jarid2 is a PRC2 component in embryonic stem cells required for multi-lineage differentiation and recruitment of PRC1 and RNA Polymerase II to developmental regulatorsLandeira, D; Sauer, S; Poot, R; Dvorkina, M; Mazzarella, L, et al
27-Dec-2010Bio-informatics analysis of a gene co-expression module in adipose tissue containing the diet-responsive gene NnatLi, X; Thomason, PA; Withers, DJ; Scott, J
15-Dec-2010Prmt5 is essential for early mouse development and acts in the cytoplasm to maintain ES cell pluripotencyTee, W-W; Pardo, M; Theunissen, TW; Yu, L; Choudhary, JS, et al
29-Oct-2010Nucleosome-interacting proteins regulated by DNA and histone methylation.Bartke, T; Vermeulen, M; Xhemalce, B; Robson, SC; Mann, M, et al
15-Jan-2010Insertional Mutagenesis in Mice Deficient for p15(Ink4b), p16(Ink4a), p21(Cip1), and p27(Kip1) Reveals Cancer Gene Interactions and Correlations with Tumor PhenotypesKool, J; Uren, AG; Martins, CP; Sie, D; de Ridder, J, et al
8-Apr-2010Bone progenitor dysfunction induces myelodysplasia and secondary leukaemiaRaaijmakers, MHGP; Mukherjee, S; Guo, S; Zhang, S; Kobayashi, T, et al
12-Jan-2010Differences in the epigenetic and reprogramming properties of pluripotent and extra-embryonic stem cells implicate chromatin remodelling as an important early event in the developing mouse embryoSantos, J; Pereira, CF; Di-Gregorio, A; Spruce, T; Alder, O, et al
5-Jul-2010PI3 kinase signalling blocks Foxp3 expression by sequestering Foxo factorsMerkenschlager, M; Von Boehmer, H; Medical Research Council (MRC)
5-Apr-2010CDK5RAP2 functions in centrosome to spindle pole attachment and DNA damage responseBarr, AR; Kilmartin, JV; Gergely, F